OneTrail Gear

Welcome to OneTrail Gear. Super durable, comfortable, affordable outdoor gear.

Created in the San Francisco Bay Area, OneTrail believes that each day brings us new trails to master. These trails take us to the unknown, to adventure. They deliver us home, and to each other. Whether we are wanderlust travelers or grinding through the morning commute, trails are the foundation that carry us through our day. We design products that support each day’s journey.


Our products are emblematic of the San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle -- a playful combination of city, sea, and mountains. Stylish, durable, useful items that go anywhere you want to go.  We design stylish, useful products that can easily take you from a picnic in Golden Gate Park, to a run along the Dipsea or a hike on Mt. Tamalpais, and even into work on Monday morning. Our love for wandering the outdoors and cherishing the natural beauty surrounding us inspired us to create durable products to serve anyone with a desire to explore.