Our team is driven by a mission to encourage more people to get outside and start exploring. Established to be the alternative to brand name outdoor gear, OneTrail Gear offers a comprehensive collection of outdoor gear and apparel that promises incredible durability, versatility, and great functionality.

We’re focused on crafting products that enhance your family’s time outside -- delivering value and great price points. We don’t believe you should pay a premium for technical features you’ll never use, and instead focus on durable, versatile, and stylish products that are great for everyday use and every adventure your family takes.

Driven by a shared passion for the outdoors, our team is made up of adventurers and explorers. We use and test every product offered in real life – from muddy walks with our pups to day-trips to the mountains, coast, and beyond with kids in tow – we put our products through the wringer and strive to optimize our products for long-term, everyday use by adventurous families. We’re relentless and uncompromising in our mission to offer only high-quality gear to each and every one of our customers, and we back that promise with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Finally, by donating 10 percent of our profits to eco-friendly community groups, focused on preservation and education, we proudly stick to the trail that keeps us grounded as a company. We encourage you to discover your own trail, whether it’s a paved thoroughfare through your neighborhood or a dirt path through rugged terrain. Your OneTrail is waiting.