OneTrail believes that each day brings us new trails to master. These trails take us to the unknown, to adventure. They deliver us home, and to each other. Whether we are wanderlust travelers or grinding through the morning commute, trails are the foundation that carry us through our day. No matter what your trail is, our paths are intertwined by those who have travelled before us, and those who will follow -- the world is OneTrail. We design products that enhance each day’s journey.


At OneTrail Gear, we are Thrifty Adventurers. We love getting outside and discovering all the world has to offer, and found ourselves needing high-quality adventure gear, without wanting to pay the "high-quality" adventure gear price. We offer gear that is super durable, stylish, and practical, without all the bells and whistles you don't need -- because let's face it -- some of us don't plan to scale rock faces or climb dangerous mountains anytime soon! Our gear is the perfect solution for the active family who loves to car camp, or spends 3 hours hiking a 2 mile trail because the kids have to climb on EVERY rock, or the pup-parent who goes everywhere with their pooch! We're always looking for solutions that will make getting outside with your squad, whoever they may be, easier and more enjoyable!


Founder's Sara and Melanie grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and share a deep love of its natural beauty. On any given day, you'll find Sara running the hillsides of Marin with her dog Sadie, or exploring rolling hills and waterfall trails with her family. Melanie, a lifelong horsewoman, loves traveling beautiful trails on horseback.